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Relationships are hard. It seems like all the care and highest hopes aren’t enough to keep many couples from getting caught up in the same arguments, the same old stories, the same dead ends. When you find yourself in these painfully stuck places - either explosive or fizzling out - it can feel like the love and passion you once had is forever out of reach. 

Couples therapy with me is a place to find help and to start thinking differently about your relationships. It is a place to learn more about yourself and your partner – your triggers as well as your strengths. As you grow together, you will begin to understand and experience the unique alchemy of your relationship in a new way. With more trust and communication, couples therapy can also be a place to find deep healing from past hurts and sensitivities. Importantly, it is an opportunity to realign with your highest hopes and dreams for yourself and someone you love.

My own marriage has been one of my greatest teachers and healers.  I didn’t have good relationship models at home, and as a queer person, couldn’t find them out in the world either. That means I’ve not only experienced the beauty of evolving with the same person these past 17 years, it also means I have had to learn and re-learn how to do relationships and intimacy many times over.  As a therapist, I bring a great deal of lived experience with stuck places, old wounds, and transformation.

I have helped couples with a variety of issues, including communication, infidelity, sex, open relationships and more. While I work with all types of couples, I am particularly passionate about supporting my community and the unique relational challenges of gay men and queer folks. I also have experience with non-monogamy, polyamory, kink, BDSM, and sex work communities.  

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