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Therapeutic touch is a form of somatic psychotherapy that we may opt to work with. Touch in psychotherapy:

  • Is done fully-clothed, usually on a massage table;

  • Uses gentle holds and light touch;

  • Is always optional and done with ongoing consent from you and me;

  • Includes navigating an ongoing conversation that includes power, privilege, and positionality.

Touch (or its absence) is a powerful aspect of human relationships that can speak directly to our sense of attachment. Just as it can be harmful, it can also be deeply healing. Just reading this may bring up a response that's a mixture of feelings from fear to excitement, disgust to longing - essentially the full range of human experience! On some level, this response is a result of your learned experience, what you learned in relationship with your family, culture, friendships, and romantic partnerships. By exploring these responses and feelings together, it is often possible to co-create new experiences of relationship, new resiliency, and new learnings that you can take with you into your life outside of therapy.

The specific modality I have trained in is called Relational Somatic Healing. This method may be suited for folks who are healing from: 

  • Pre-verbal and attachment wounding;

  • Relational and developmental trauma;

  • Nervous system dysregulation.

Although I have experienced firsthand how powerful therapeutic touch can be, it is never an end goal and certainly not the only way to heal relationship wounds and have new relational experiences.

If you're feeling called to this work or have questions about its appropriateness for you, reach out for a free consulltation to discuss if therapeutic touch is right for you. 

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